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13 November, 2012

Buffalo Wings

1. Contributor: Keerthi Cherukuri
nenu couple of times chesaanu buffalo wild wings laaga..nenu wings either walmart or maa local store lo thisukunta..size chusukuni. Nenu avi paper towel tho pat chesi...koncham oil, salt, pepper, and garlic kalipi oka 1 hr marinate chesi, oven lo pedthaanu at around 400F. I turn them in between. Either I completely cook them in the oven or I deep fry them at that point.. Appudu deep fry chesthe crispy ga vuntundhi..also ekkuva sepu pattadhu as they are 90% cooked in the oven. Asala oven lekunda deep fry cheyyachu kaani it takes a very long time to cook those pieces thoroughly. Sauce nee ishtam..i buy franks.and lousiana something something and mix them..put a tsp of butter in a bowl..add the sauce and heat it in the microwave till the butter melts..add the chicken to the sauce and mix till they are well coated.

Eggless Chocolate Cookies

1. Contributor: p@dmini ***************
simple and easy recipe kani nee cookie press avasaram ;ledhu anukunta hehehehhe

Grilled Fish

1. Contributor: Keerthi Cherukuri
Nenu fish eppudu grill cheyyaledhu...just pan meedha chesaanu. Nenu Tilapia vadthanu..emi chesthaano nenu naa blog lo rasanu..chicken dhi koda add cheyyali sometime soon HTH

Grilled Chicken

1.  Contributor: Keerthi Cherukuri
memu regular ga grill chesthaamu kaani outdoor grill can also cook it in the oven kaani taste different ga vasthundhi..rendu bagunatyi

I usually marinate chicken for 5-6 hrs and I use boneless chicken thighs or tenders..nenu breast pices tho koda try chesaa kaani kaanu antha manchiga anipiyyaledhu

For Marinade - lemon juice from 1 lemon, oil, salt, pepper, turmeric, red chilli powder (masala karam from india) ,coriander powder, 6-7 cloves grated/diced fresh garlic. I also add crushed curry leaves..(optional).

Measurements meru entha chicken vesthunnaro dhaani batti..taste everything after mixing and before you add th chicken.